Alena Museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with the mission of providing critical safe spaces for the African Diaspora to express and cultivate their cultural identity in the face of gentrification. 

NASSI (Rebirth), is an afro-futuristic vision quest that unfolds historical periods from pre-colonial until our millennial times. Each room serves as a pictorial experience that opens an array of exploration to show our arrival, to our fall, to our creation of destiny. We have an awareness embedded in us of the injustices we face, and the erasure of our culture. We also have an awareness that we have the ability to make an impact for our next generation through resources and technologies that came from our land. What is the impact of technology, and how can it be another essential to move forward? NASSI serves as a visual call to action of reclaiming our abilities to generate a new platform. We are being given the opportunity to be reborn again.




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