Alena Museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with the mission of providing critical safe spaces for the Black Diaspora to express and cultivate their cultural identity in the face of gentrification. Alena  activates creative spaces that houses multi-disciplinary art and work studios honoring the cultural richness of the African Diaspora. 


In the African language of Tigrinya, "Alena" translates to "We are here." Alena Museum embodies the spirit of our namesake by curating and activating spaces to preserve and cultivate African diasporic culture in the face of aggressive gentrification, a contemporary iteration of the white supremacy and colonialism embedded throughout American history.  In partnership with our West Oakland community—and its rich history of resistance against racism and displacement—we position ourselves as active players in this new economy in order to directly and actively mitigate the displacement and marginalization of our communities rather than passively accepting the violent practices threatening our presence and access to space.



Cultural Preservation/Cultivation:

Creating a vibrant work and socialhub for the African Diaspora to gather and celebrate will ensure that we preserve.


Ownership Model:

Alena Museum's model is to own every site we activate to ensure that we: offset displacement, protect our investment, offer affordable service and tenant rates, and affect future generational impact.


Cultural Equity:

Alena Museum aims to be a central player in giving teeth to the concept of cultural equity for African diaspora by providing spaces to produce from our cultural capital.



A healing incubator where we dream up ideas of black lives beyond marginalization, misogyny, generational trauma, and other systems of oppression.