Black Space Matters
1:00 PM13:00

Black Space Matters

We would like to invite you to "Black Space Matters," presented by Alena Museum.

"Black Space Matters" is a conversation with black space holders in a rapidly changing Oakland. We hold an open discussion on the community’s thoughts about the future of people of the African Diaspora holding space.

Topics include:

- What does it mean to be a holder of Black Space in Oakland?
- What is the journey within the process?
- What are the challenges within that realm?

Black Space holders & panelists include:

- Olaywa Austin – Founder of TRiBE Oakland
- Anyka Barber – Founder & Owner of Betti Ono Gallery
- Keba Konte – Owner & Entrepreneur of Red Bay Coffee

Come join us & be sure to keep up with us.

IG | @alenamuseum

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This is Oakanda! Art Installation
12:00 PM12:00

This is Oakanda! Art Installation

We will gather the creative voices and collective power of our community and allies to demonstrate and speak out against the private investors, developers, and politicians who are set out to broaden the gap of wealth at the expense of the people.  We as citizens will not go unheard.  Displacing the community will not be a silent fight.  Stand up for you, your family, your neighbors, and your community as we are witnessing gentrification destroying the cultural fabric of Oakland.

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