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Alena Museum attracts an eclectic mix of professionals, artists and entrepreneurs who prefer a dynamic environment for work and creation.

Art Production
Use our studios to paint large murals, build furniture, create sculptures, design crafts or even prepare products to be sold.

Use our space to record movies or videos for a published series, Youtube, or anything else you have in mind! Design our space for creative video shoots.

Photo Studio
Any room or space at Alena Museum can be transformed into a photo studio, fitting for your precise vision! Customize the infinity wall at Alena Museum to capture professional shots for creative photo shoots.

Event Rental
We have had the pleasure of co-creating exciting events in our space including formal dinners, open mics, non-profit retreats, and corporate mixers. Alena has a gift of morphing to fit the sentiment of every occasion.


Our 2,000 sq feet Main Gallery is $175 an hour.
Private Event use only. 
The use of this space includes the following amenities:
Seating , Tables, PA System (mic, mixing board, two top speakers) 
furniture, 2 bathrooms, staff attendant, cleaning service.

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Our booking staff is available 11am - 2pm Tues - Thurs & Sats. Exception apply. When is good for you?