The Only Series by Omiiroo

Omiiroo’s extensive body of work spans many mediums and themes while centering primarily on wordplay, painting and sculpture. This artist residency and installation at Alena Museum represents the premiere of Omiiroo’s “The Only” series, which he has been developing over the last four years. This collection includes portraiture, abstract, and landscape interpretations as well as sculptures, all of which draw inspiration from graffiti and street art. Omiiroo’s art is conceptualized and crafted through, from, and for the contemporary experiences and realities of black people with the aim of adding another perspective to the stories of our humanity and history.

A theme of "The Only Series" is sparked from the phrase “niggas only,” which is utilized in Omiiroo’s practice to serve as a provocateur for a serious and critical dialogue. In his artist framework, niggas becomes synonymous with “kings”, not only due to its etymology but also through its reappropriation and reclamation in black communities.

What does it mean to claim a space for “niggas” exclusively? What does it mean for a “niggas” to be kings? How is the term “niggas” used in a gendered way? What does it mean for women and queers to reclaim that word? With the term “bitch” often used as a derogatory term towards women and femme people, what does it mean or look like to have a space for reclaiming that word? If “niggas” are kings, are “bitches” really queens? What other possibilities can we imagine beyond language and power? How can we have agency through language?

Only Series by Omiiroo
On View : Jan 20th - Feb 18th
Author : Shah Noor

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